Garbage Bins Rental In Ottawa

Every requirement is different that requires tailor made and on time support – Yes! We understand the fact very well. First we have a conversation with our customers become cognizant of their requirement and cater support accordingly.  Being a Canadian company we are flexible enough to provide on-time service in and around Ottawa. You might be renovating your home, or carrying on with commercial construction we are ready to assist you with our varied bin rental service.  You let us know your requisite, we deliver the assistance.

4 Yards Bin

6 yards bin

10 yards bin

14 yards bin

20 yards bin

Steps We Follow

We Deliver

At Bins on Wheels , we deliver the bin as you state your necessity with us.

You load

Don’t think twice before dumping your detritus in our bins.

We Pick up

Let us know as your requirement ends. We will pick up the bin without any hassle.


Bins on Wheels Revolutionizes Ottawa's Cleanup Game

In the bustling heart of Ottawa, Bins on Wheels emerges as the city’s knight in shining disposal armor. Transforming the mundane task of waste management into a seamless experience, this innovative bin rental service sweeps through the cluttered landscape of cleanup chores.

Picture this: a fleet of vibrant bins on the move, delivering order and cleanliness right to your doorstep. Bins on Wheels redefines convenience, offering an array of sizes suited for any cleanup crusade – from household purges to construction site conquests.

What’s our  secret weapon? Impeccable service! From swift delivery to hassle-free pickups, we have mastered the art of efficiency when it comes to waste management. In a city buzzing with activity, Bins on Wheels stands out, ensuring Ottawa stays pristine, one rolling bin at a time.

What Makes Us Special

Upfront Pricing


Flexible Schedule

Responsive Disposal


Professional Expertise


Revolutionizing Ottawa’s waste management

At Bins on Wheels, we spearheads Ottawa’s waste management evolution with a visionary approach. Our solution transcends mere bin rentals, encompassing a sustainable ethos. Employing eco-friendly practices,  at Bins on Wheels we prioritize recycling and proper disposal methods, minimizing environmental impact. Our tailored waste management strategies cater to diverse needs, be it residential, commercial, or industrial, offering customized solutions. Bins on Wheels doesn’t just collect trash; they facilitate responsible waste disposal, advocating a greener tomorrow.  Our commitment extends beyond convenience, fostering a cleaner, more sustainable Ottawa. With innovation at its core, at Bins on Wheels we set a benchmark in waste management, harmonizing efficiency with environmental consciousness.


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We take immense pride in our approach, ensuring utmost care for your property during bin delivery and retrieval.

Breast Cancer institution

As per a 2020 data by World Health Organization (WHO) around 2.3million women were diagnosed with breast cancer globally and the entire cosmos witnessed around 685000 deaths. The situation is indeed alarming and requires proper acknowledgement, awareness as well as treatment. To address this global issue and support breast cancer patients, Bins on Wheels has come up with a breast cancer institute. The aim is to assist and spread awareness.